Ways against “junk mirrors” can only automobile in Vietnam

To avoid being “Classified mirror”, many vehicle owners Vietnam has devised ways to protect assets rather unique looks not find the car park.

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In the past New Year’s Day, many people drive cars in Vietnam had to welcome spring in a state of “half crying, half laughing.” Happy new year fresh summer passageway easy travel convenience but cry for theft of car parts in the early days of strong increases.

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For example, in a calm on 1st Year, there were dozens of cars stolen entire rearview mirror, car logo and the wipers. Therefore, to ensure the safety of drivers on the pet accessories, many drivers Vietnam has devised ways to protect assets while not find a beach car park.

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Even, some people are confirmed using homemade mirror instead of the rearview mirror is also a burglar. Homemade mirrors look like this, make sure the thief will “really boring”. But anyway this is just a temporary solution in a short time. To ensure safety while on the road, it is best to replace all vehicles new mirrors and pay more attention to protect their assets.

To avoid encountering tragicomic situations as theft of auto parts is growing strongly in the first days of the year, car owners should pay attention when parking stop looking the park with a custodian. In case of “force majeure” to park your car in a public place, vehicle owners should look for parking spots open, with good visibility, carefully folding mirrors. If possible, should be reinforced with steel core pins and mounted mirror stainless steel belt protect the mirror surface.

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