The meaning of the acronym under the automaker’s vehicles Automotive

ES, LS, Lexus GS after name mean anything? 3.5Q Camry, Q stands for what? SLK, CLK and SL in the name of Mercedes cars signify anything? Let’s find out.


The letters which we have mentioned above is the symbol versions for each model of each company. When buying a car or people often do not notice the signs of this version for each carmaker, each model car … again using different symbols.

In fact, sometimes understand this notation will help you distinguish the version for each car is gasoline or oil, under certain segments, sports car or family car, luxury car or affordable .. .

Take the example of the symbol on the Toyota GL and GX Zace easy for us to imagine. GL and GX are symbols marked by the manufacturer for information on the type (model). This is also a sign identifying the model commercial product registration with the State management agencies.

The interpretation of these symbols is the only user with distinguished namesake vehicles Zace with different models. However, they do have great significance in the provision of internal parts. For example in the list of spare parts (Parts Catalog) will carry the statement or GX GL. Internal supply system will know every detail in the car mount and needs repair.

The symbols set by manufacturers poses (like parents to name him). So here can understand the letter G is Gasoline (petrol fuel), X and L word is accompanied by structural symbols denote conventionally tire manufacturer.

Hiểu được các ký hiệu ở tên xe sẽ giúp bạn phân biệt được model của từng mẫu xe

Hiểu được các ký hiệu ở tên xe sẽ giúp bạn phân biệt được model của từng mẫu xe

Different manufacturers will register the model under different symbols Star symbols are not duplicated with other firms. Some symbols can interpret them, but some manufacturers only signs are capable of interpretation and is not necessarily a meaningful interpretation at all.

Suppose, the Mercedes-Benz SLR is the Light Sport Race, SLK (Light Sport Compact), CLS (Classic Light Sport), SL (Sport Light).

Lexus, the ES models, the LS, GS .. letter S represents the sedan or convertible. SUV or crossover X is also as Lexus LX, GX and RX.

The Camry production line US is behind the trunk always being marked with LE, SE, CE, which is the vehicle class GLE. Example LE is normally exported US vehicles while SE is sportier classes. Similarly CE: Classic Edition, LE: Luxury Edition or Limited Edition, XLE: Extra Luxury Edition, SE: Sport Edition (sometimes interpreted as the Special Edition), EX: Extra Luxury.

Cadillac named car based on the car’s reputation as Seville and Deville 1 time. For example, STS and DTS are descendants of Seville and Deville line, TS – touring sedan, more powerful cars like the CTS-V V. X Series XLR convertible with 2 seats, in which LR – luxury roadster. SRX SUV, the RX – reconfigurable crossover. Excalade line 2 types EXV and ESV, XV: Crossover (X-over) version, SV: perfomance version.

It is the symbol model, many manufacturers also use the letters always to distinguish the cars. As already said, consumers just heard a car, think of what it was in the car, under certain segments.

For example, the German car maker to use the letter A (A Class) to only small car for families, B: Small Passenger, C: Sedan small class, CL: 2-door coupe, the CLS: 4-door coupe, E: midsize sedan, G: Vietnam wild car, GL: large SUV class, ML: midsize SUV, the GLK: small SUV, R: hybrid minivan and crossover, S: sedan large class, SLK: B, S

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