Learn about Hybrid engine – The future of the car industry

Is the combination of combustion engine and two electric motors on the same car, so the car is also known as “hybrid”. When you need to speed up the second sudden mobilization of resources are maximized. Stable when running at low speeds the car can run on the electric motor, when braking or descending the battery will be recharged.

Check out clips of the mood sitting on the GS Hybrid, you will see more clearly the impact of hybid makes Lexus was accustomed to images become strong levelheaded how:


Surely many will surprise the future because 1 this engine appeared in 1899 at the Paris Salon exhibitions. Manufactured by Pieper, Liège, car Pieper is a parallel hybrid models with a small gasoline engine cooled further support an electric motor and lead batteries. Batteries will be loaded when the vehicle is running both on the highway or when operating vehicles on site. When capacity requirements driven higher than the rated power of the engine, electric motor provides additional power to the engine.

The important parts of the car Hybrid:


Controller compact engine acts as the “brain” of the hybrid system in the car, the task is to manage and control energy.

This device monitoring and control of power flow between the generator, battery and electric motor before calculating the most effective combination guaranteed performance and environmental protection in an optimal way.

GASOLINE ENGINE-primary motivation

Operation with generators – high power electric motor, gasoline engine helps the car when accelerating quiet, smooth and powerful.

GENERATOR – electric motor

Electric motor (also called electric motor) is a very important component, it plays multiple roles in a hybrid vehicle as supporting the gasoline engine when the vehicle needs to accelerate quickly, act as a generator, help transfer energy from the gasoline engine system and brake energy regeneration into electricity stored in batteries … in addition, the electric motor can also help start the gasoline engine instantly then in case of necessity. Some Hybrid cars have up to two (the Porsche 918 Spyder), or even possibly three electric motors.


Auto batteries recharged using electricity generated from two generators – electric motors and from the process of braking.

Also if the battery cooling system can help maintain optimum performance and extended operating time of the battery.

Hybrid cars do not have to be well equipped for this division as well as having the same mechanism of action, all of which depend on the layout and placement of parts together

Types of Hybrid

hybrid low

Gasoline engines are equipped with stop-start system (stop-start) is automatically powered by batteries.

When the vehicle suspension (eg at traffic lights), the gasoline engine shuts off.

When pressed on the gas pedal, the generator powered by batteries will enable engine operation immediately. In turn, the battery will be partially charged by energy recovered from braking process.

The average hybrid

In average Hybrid system, the electric motor does not undertake to provide power for the car.

Instead, motor supports the gasoline engine off when the car is running, all gas, braking or stopping, with the ability to restart quickly.

Electric motor powered by batteries, this is self-charging batteries of the energy recovered through attrition or redundancy when braking during operation.


Full hybrid

This car combines an electric motor, gasoline engine and battery. When activities are at low speeds, the electric motor only operation. When you need more speed, the gasoline engine will start and both engines work together to provide for vehicle dynamics. Hybrid fully developed as follows:

Series Hybrid: This is one classic engine, the electric motor is responsible for the power train’s wheels xe.Vi, electric motors have large capacity means the size and volume is very large. Called hybrid because the gasoline engine is used to generate electric power supply for electric motors. Used for locomotives and ships of the previous century.

Parallel Hybrid: Gasoline engines play a dominant role, while the electric motor supports when vehicles need powerful acceleration. If a large enough battery, the electric motor will replace the gasoline engine in the case of vehicles slow or pause. The “charging” of the electric motor is removed from the brake energy.

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