Honda Civic 2016 rapid assessment of the highest in Thailand

Next-generation Honda Civic has not officially launched, but the Japanese car company invited reporters in Thailand to the track to quickly evaluate many sedans are interested in this.


Recently, Honda has invited automotive journalists in Thailand to the track to test drive a small sedan new generation Civic debuted yet. According to Honda, Civic, 2016 will be officially launched in the Thai market in March next.

In the new generation, Honda Civic owned Overall length 4630 mm, width 1,799 mm, 1,415 mm high and 2,700 mm wheelbase. Thus, compared to the old version, the new generation Honda Civic 105 mm longer, 50 mm wider, 20 mm shorter wheelbase and an increase of 30 mm.


According to reporters in Thailand, Honda Civic 2016 for this market is not much changed from the version in the US in terms of design. From the grille, headlights and LED taillights, all similar to the car in the US.

The next-generation Honda Civic that reporters in the Thai auto testing is the most senior of the RS. Therefore, the car has a black grille, LED third brake light and the rear spoiler on. Besides the 17-inch alloy wheels with dual 5-spoke design, Turanza ER33 comes Bridgestone tires 215/50 R17 91V size.

danh-gia-nhanh-honda-civic-2016-ban-cao-nhat-tai-thai-lan (1)


Inside Honda Civic RS 2016 in Thailand with soft chairs wrapped steering, electric 8 directions. Between the front seats with hand rails, good quality door panels, center console cluster design with bold future, but not really handy. For example, when you need to plug a USB cable, the driver will have to bow deeply.

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