Cars should choose Korean or Japanese cars

If you are asked to select a Korean car or a Japanese car, then the answer in yourself only. To help you find your car with, learn about the following factors:

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Interested in endurance?
The Japanese always worth using on top, with the task of car they are transporting people from one place to another and protect people from the weather factor. So cars have durable, to ensure safety on the road. Japanese cars are very pragmatic, not flowery, not glitter, but rarely broken engine. On the market of used cars are more Japanese car brand has undergone over 200 000 km but motor still running like new. And it has created the confidence of customers in particular with Japanese cars and Japanese products in general.

You are interested in design?
Koreans do not have the depth or technical and scientific background together with a pragmatic mindset of Japanese people. Korean products are not concentrating fully on the core functionality of their products to more attention to the design, form, functionality and rich promotional moves. So one of the advantages of Korean cars is user evaluation is beautifully designed. Not surprisingly, a recent two Korean car Hyundai Sonata and Genesis received the Good Design by the Museum of Architecture and Design of Chicago & Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies of Europe award donate.

In Vietnam, the age of car buyers increasingly young, the concept car was open than before, in addition to the need “to eat, clothe” the choice to purchase a vehicle should not exceed mound bundle in the brand. The choice according to personal preference is equally important demand side factors used. Of these decors and comfortably furnished two factors are the young customers are most interested. Korean Cars and provides a wealth of amenities and form for this customer segment.

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Interested in “Graduate area”?
These products come from Japan are global consumers attach importance on high quality and cars of Japanese firms, too. In addition to the criteria of safety, comfort, the brand value is still an important factor. Most Japanese cars such as the Toyota Land Cruiser, Honda Accord and Lexus luxury vehicles are not only a means to serve the movement, which is the property and also a way to show off material and the position of the head car ownership. Generally these cars from Korea have lower brand value and give our riders affordable image than Japanese cars.

Interested in price?
About engines and powertrains, most car manufacturers have the cooperation and exchange of technology for fabrication and material help for quality among carmakers that parallel. Besides, one thing can not be denied is that the Korean automaker has helped Vietnam consumers closer the engine technology, new techniques. Consumers Vietnam in recent years have had enough time to recognize which part of the quality of Korean cars. In which the likes of KIA CD5, KIA Spectra or Carens has been consumer tested for reliability.

Along consider two models Japan and Korea, the Korean cars are equipped with facilities and equipment safety systems beyond level than competitors in the segment. But compare these cars like KIA and Hyundai Korea with Toyota, Honda of Japan, the Korean cars more affordable price, but not least, modern and comfortable.

Interested in selling value after a period of use?
Korean car sales value lower than the Japanese cars. This is not only located at the thought of consumers for reliability of Japanese cars is better than Korean cars (through the experiences of Japanese cars reliable after many years of use) but also the jobs of the new product Korean car manufacturers new to the Vietnam moment. While Japanese automakers with new 5-year cycle, the introduction of new products with the Korean automaker, the launch of the product, constantly making new versions for the previous generation of Korean carmakers quickly outdated and depreciated quite a lot. Currently, after having shaped its position in the hearts of consumers, the Korean company also started “spacing” time launched a new version in Vietnam.

According Carmudi when making decisions about purchasing options, the car itself is based on the needs, uses, habits, your money and buy one. Also do not depend on the brand, should not buy the car as collateral but based purely on the needs and purposes. Car brand, model or country are bad and good, fit ourselves or not.

Finally, when we blame a certain brand, they must recognize that, if they were, still, are continuing presence in the market, it means that they have, still, doing right in certain aspects which, although different, but accounted for the market share, the different needs of the market are very diverse.

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